Unseen Prophecy

As of late there have been a few oddities in the news. Depending on where you get your news (conservative, liberal, mainstream, alternative) will depend on whether or not you see the trend. I could include links to sources, but I want you to take your time and actually look into it yourself.

The Bible is being used as a playbook by the elite. If you look at mainstream news even, you will see this. Obama has stated ‘the Sermon on the Mount’ is a threat to national security, bashed many OT books, and even referenced numerous Bible verses, almost verbatim, on several occasions. Other presidents as well as congressman have done so as well. They may know the Bible better than pastors.

The reason why I say they may know the Bible better than anyone else is due to the fact all world governments, the Vatican, etc are all working together. The reality percieved by the mainstream world is a reality created by the elite for us. They have many scriptural doctrines under lock and key in the Vatican. They are forever altering scripture, and now we are seeing the days of America where being a follower of Christ is percieved as evil or wrong. They force pastors to preach what they (the govt) want via the 501(c)3 bylaws (pastors and churches can learn about 508c1a vs 501c3 by Clicking Here). They teach pastors fallacies and heresy via these so-called accredited universities.

Now if this is the case, why are they using the Bible as a playbook if they are altering it and even casting it in a bad light? This is because they know the Bible, as originally written, is Truth. If people were taught the truth and permitted to know the actual meanings of Bible verses and the prophets, we would see that God created us to be free, Jesus taught us to be free, not to be enslaved by any man or group of elitists. The elite however, know it is truth and are trying to defeat God at His own “game” so-to-speak. They are trying to decieve the people into thinking they (the elite) are God. They are trying to use Gods Word against God and against all of humanity.

The simple answer to end this is to do as Christ commanded us, and that is to ask questions. Do not follow anyone blindly. Look into things for yourself. The truth isn’t always pretty, but it wasn’t meant to be.

I don’t blame many of the younger pastors as they know not that which they do. They are moving along following their predecessors. I blame their predecessors, as they know that which they do; and as Jesus said, it would be better if they had not.

I ask you all to look into that which I am now to suggest and make an honest effort to prove me wrong:

~We are in a proxy-war proceeding World War 3 aka Armageddon. This proxy-war is taking place in the mideast, currently in Syria. The elite know the prophetic significance to the down fall of Damascus, Syria and will not stop until Damascus falls.

~We are being psyopped (psychological operation) to believe an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) Attack is going to happen sometime in the near future here in the U.S. as well as in the E.U. The most-likely reasoning for this will be the sun, so they say. In reality, it will be the elite and their global forces leading the ultimate attack against the global people kicking off World War 3. Based on evidence Ive gathered, it will be a false attack. Govt and military complexes will still have power, while the people are simply turned off and led to believe our grids were fried in an EMP attack. Affected areas will be urged to go with govt/military forces to “safety” while all those who don’t will be killed (either through starvation, gang wars, or opposition to govt forces).

~The race war is largely being ignored by mainstream media, for this you will have to turn to alternative and conservative news media. There is a large number of blacks killing whites for no other reason other than their victims have white skin. This is taking place in over 100+ cities across the U.S. at the time this was written. These blacks are being indoctrinated by govt schools to feel hatred towards other races, namely whites. They fail to realize they are being used as pawns on the elites chessboard. If all the races are at war, not only are we paying attention to where is “safe” but we’re also NOT paying attention to what the govt is upto. If the race war erupts to a state of not being controlled, it will be a perfect excuse to publicly announce and enforce nation-wide martial law.

~Political war is another topic largely being overlooked by many. Many individuals fail to realize that the wedges being put between us was a plan by the elite. Like the “race war”, the political war was designed by the enemy to keep us divided and warring amongst ourselves. All conservative, libertarian, etc groups/parties/organizations MUST put their pety differences aside and start working together. We all have the common feeling of the American Spirit and want to save America. The same goes with anyone reading this in the rest of the world. Simply replace America with the name of your nation. Your nation is experiencing the same political warfare as America. It is an old tactic the elite have used globally time and time again.

~The “Equal Rights” war
This is by far the most controversial, hypocritical, and nonsensical mindset have ever witnessed. I’ll run through by topic.

Homosexuality: Homosexuals claim they want equality, and many are trying to achieve “equality and tolerance” by showing intolerance to Christians.

Atheism: Atheists seem to be a growing population amongst the ignorant and arrogant minded millenials. They feel they have all the answers. Where they fail is this: more than 3,000 pastors out there that lead true “Free Churches” not constrained by the govt all have the answers they seek. We are not those filled with lies and no way of backing those lies. Yes, I am one of the more than 3,000+ pastors leading the 3,000+ ministries of Truth in the unadulterated message of Christ. The Atheists in their war for “equality and tolerance” have been quite militant about pushing Christianity out of the public. These “tolerant” individuals are only tolerant to those like them and quite intolerant of the Christian population.

Islam: People fail to realize Muslims are able to lie for their benefit. This is known as Taqiyya. Muslims are using this tactic as their primary weapon in the “civilization jihad” against western nations. In many European nations they have already moved up a notch to “no-go zones” which are Muslim-only areas. This we seldom here on the MSM.
Here in the U.S. there are 40+ conclaves seeking to become “no-go zones”. Mosques are being used as miltary training camps and indoctrination centers. Almost all of these mosques are being funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and their counter-parts. Many areas where Mosques are going up have little to no Muslim population. New textbooks being issued in several areas are pro-Islam and anti-Christian. Yet this is seldom, if at all being mentioned in the MSM.

How does this relate to the Bible?
The elite all have something in common in common with Islam; A socialist type of government. The elite, as does Islam, have an itch for a “One World Government, One World Religion”. The Bible states followers of Christ will be persecuted against, a One World Government and One World Religion is going to be created and implemented.

Ok, so what’s your point Mr. Author?
My point is this: in Isaiah in breaks the one horse into two. One being a green, the other pale. Check it out. The color of Islam is green. Islam is the third largest religion and almost has exactly one-third of the global population. This matches up perfectly with what Isaiah is speaking.

Now lets tie everything together:
We are being programmed Islam is good while Christianity is evil. We are being programmed to be dependant on government and that government should be a global government. We are being programmed to not only accept an upcoming EMP attack and global-war, but that this war was initiated by the “evil” Christians.

The elite are programming us by controlling our reality. They are controlling our reality through the mainstream-media and control of what “facts” are put into the academic system. What was once good is now evil, what was once evil is now good. We are watching the “One World Government and One World Religion” piece together right now. Step by step.

The sad thing is only a small portion of you reading this see what I am saying, even less of you will challenge this by actually looking into anything mentioned here.

Do not believe what anyone tells you, including from alternative media, until you “fact check” it yourself. There are disinfo agents and false information everywhere. Trust yourself and Christ. What Christ says, where Christ leads you, follow. The Truth is out there. “Seek and ye shall find”

When this war finally breaks out, remember who your friends are. Be sure to be prepared in any way you can. Whether anyone would like to admit it or not, Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled.

About Rev. Dr. Red
I'm the Founder and Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, Health Enthusiast, Fisherman, and Small Business Owner. I'm passionate about helping others any way I can. I hope to help as many as I can lead a happier, healthier, fulfilling life. This began with my ministry, and has since expanded into a complete wellness movement.

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