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The number 13 is viewed as evil and unlucky by many. Most who view it as such can’t explain why. Many simply relate it back to the church in one form or another as to why the number is evil and/or unlucky. The number 13 is one of the most misunderstood numbers of all time. It is also the most feared by the ruling elite, who use it’s powers but fear the people realizing such powers – for then we would not need them, and in turn, they would lose all power over us.

We are controlled with fear. We are taught to fear that which we do not know nor understand.

To begin to understand the significance and power of 13, we must first clear some things up about the number 13.

For those of you who blame the church, particularly the Catholic Church, for 13 being evil, consider the following

– The apparitions of the Virgin of Fátima in 1917 were claimed to occur on the 13th day of six consecutive months.
– In Catholic devotional practice, the number thirteen is also associated with Saint Anthony of Padua, since his feast day falls on June 13. A traditional devotion called the Thirteen Tuesdays of St. Anthony involves praying for the saint every Tuesday over a period of thirteen weeks. Another devotion, St. Anthony’s Chaplet, consists of thirteen decades of three beads each.

In the Jewish faith:
– In Judaism, 13 signifies the age at which a boy matures and becomes a Bar Mitzvah, i.e. a full member of the Jewish faith (counts as a member of Minyan).
– According to Rabbinic commentary on the Torah, God has 13 Attributes of Mercy.

And we have the origin of Friday the 13th:
– Knights Templar: On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar, and most of the knights were tortured and killed.
As a side note, the Knights Templar originated with allegiance to the Pope and were to protect Christian pilgrims on their journeys. However, they came up with a very intricate banking system which made them rather wealthy. It is also believed they discovered a hidden secret being concealed by the Pope and the Catholic Church et al. The combination of this wealth and knowledge of the hidden secret made them a threat to the Church. The French King finally ordered the death of the Knights Templar as a way out of paying the nations debt back to the Templar, or losing land. In this regard, ‘Friday the 13th’ is viewed as unlucky because of actions taken by the Catholic Church.

More info on 13 and Religion Click Here

Odd Info About 13
The number thirteen has been a power number from the days of ancient civilizations. There were 12 disciples with Jesus making 13. Many religions have 1 Messiah or Prophet and 12 followers for a total of 13. There were 12 nights of the round table with King Author making 13. There are 12 jurors with the judge making 13. The number 13 is the sixth prime number.

The following is a quote from The Truth About 13 by ORRAR.net:

The number 13 is the number of origin; it is the complete number for the Universe.

We know from what we are told as children and when we are adults that this number is unlucky, so we avoid it where possible. For example many hotels and streets do not have this number they go from 12 to 14. We are also taught from young that Friday the 13th is a very unlucky and bad day; even today some people will not go out on this day.

In religion we are told that this number is the number of rebellion due to its first appearance in the Bible in Genesis XIV.4 – “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled.” Then there are the numbers which religions recommend to us as being good and sacred, such as 7, 9, 12 and 10. These they say are the numbers we should abide to such as the Ten Commandments, 7 days of the week, 12 months of the year and St. Paul enumerates the 9 fruits of the spirit.
However, these numbers are to keep hidden the truth from us, that the number 13 is the beginning and the end (the Alpha and Omega) of everything. Even our governments and superiors tell us that the number 13 is bad, yet secretly in their organisations and societies they adore the number for it is death and rebirth, completion and perfection. It is the number of the divine the Mother Goddess. It also represents sacred sexuality and the sacred secret knowledge of the ancients.

In Britain it is a really ancient number that used to be associated with good things, but over time became bad or unlucky due to the influx of Christianity. This can be seen in how our times of the day used to be divided into 13 parts. We can also see this number in the Arthurian myths which say that Merlin guards the 13 Treasures of Britain, as well as in the ancient writings of the Bards in Wales, where we have things such as the Sacred Chord of the Druids had 13 segments and that there are 13 Doctrines of the Bards.

The United States of America also has a close association with this number. The American flag has 13 horizontal stripes 6 white and 7 red. They also show their secret association with this number in their Great Seal, this has 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 berries 13 stripes and 13 leaves, as well as two 13 letter phrases. The most important one though showing their association with this number is that originally there were 13 colonies.
Many secret societies around the world also have the 13 bug, such as the Illuminati who believe this number is unique and the most correct number of all. The Illuminati is also said to be run by 13 families. We see the same type of association for the number with Freemasonry as well, which has close ties to the Illuminati. The Sisters of the Divine Goddess who are another secret society in Britain also believe this number to be very sacred and the ultimate number of the ALL. The highest order of Knights in Britain is another organisation associated with this number along with various other groups.

In ancient histories this number is found in its original form of being the special sacred number of the entire universe. Example: In Egyptian mythology there are 13 steps on the ladder that leads to eternity. There are many myths around the world that show the true meaning of the number, however most of these are re-worked by others to show a different number, rather than the true one, for instance the number 12. You can see this in things such as the 12 Apostles yet they forget that Jesus makes 13.

It is interesting to see how many religions try to turn this number into something bad, when it really isn’t. They cite things such as the 13 titles of the Anti-Christ in the New Testament or that in the Kabalah it says there are 13 Spirits of Evil. Yet they also have in Judaism the belief that the number means LOVE. They will also pursue the line that it means DEATH to discourage you from the truth. Another bit of disinformation they like to give is the following verse from the Bible: “ Genesis 13.13 – Now the men of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the Lord”.

The number 13 is meant to be unlucky to us, but lucky to the ruling elite. The ruling elite teach us to fear everything around 13, this includes the 13th zodiac sign, the 13th month, years with 13 full moons, etc.

For information on the 13th zodiac sign and how it pertains to Jesus and spirituality, read Jesus and the Age of Aquarius by Clicking Here

Brief Look At The 13th Zodiac

The following is a quote from Ophiuchus, the Lost Sign of the Zodiac

* Ophiuchus, the thirteenth constellation in the night sky, is supposed to be associated with the end of time in the book.
The Great Alignment will be when the sun rises with perfect center of the Galaxy as indicated by this constellation.
* Supposedly the constellation Sagittarius is pointing an arrow at the center of the Galaxy. An expert stated that at that great moment, the knowledge of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden will be revealed.

Perhaps that’s why it had to be removed and/or hidden from the night sky mythology. We humans are not supposed to know of our Supernatural Origins, which has been lost to us since our “fall”. And the key to that destiny appears to lie in this Lost Sign.

“Another important connection to Ophiuchus lies in the fact that the Winter Solstices, since 1937, have been in his area of the sky. Due to a 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinox, the spring equinox appears to move from one constellation to another. At this time, it is shifting from Pisces, the Fish to Aquarius, the Water Bearer. It is being suggested here that Ophiuchus, the Serpent Carrier, is the archetype of what we commonly call the New Age and that the time of Aquarius is still yet to come. The last Age of Ophiuchus was from about 4500 BC to 2500 BC. Now that the Serpent Holder has returned, we have the opportunity to “remember” and once again access ancient wisdom from that time and specifically wisdom related to “serpent energy.”

For more information, read Astrological Attributes of Ophiucus

The Number 13

The number 13 is a very powerful number. It is neither lucky nor unlucky, good nor evil. It is the number of completion, the universe, the All. To tap into the power of 13 is to tap into the very wisdom and knowledge that the ruling elite fear us obtaining. This wisdom is known as gnosis.

In ancient times, many things revolved around 13. In the book ‘Pistis Sophia’, it is said their are 13 aeons. Many believe there to be 13 archangels. If you compare the lists of the tribes of Israel in the Bible, there are, in fact, 13 tribes of Israel.

By fearing and/or running from the number 13, and everything that comes in 13’s, we are allowing ourselves to remain spiritually ignorant and allowing the ruling elite to continue controlling our lives and reality (in atleast some aspect). We are not to fear the unknown. If the unknown were to be feared, why would Jesus have told us to “seek and ye shall find”. If you don’t go into areas you don’t already know, you are not seeking.

Great wisdom comes with the number 13. Once you accept the fact there are 13 zodiac signs, 13 tribes of Israel, etc, and begin to seek the wisdom and knowledge of these once hidden things, you will begin to grow spiritually. You will begin to obtain the wisdom of the All / God / whatever title it is you wish to call. The very wisdom that has been hidden from us since the beginning.

Remember, we live in a world where good is evil and evil is good; up is down and down is up. This is how the ruling elite convinced thousands of years of society that 13 is evil, the serpent is evil, etc, while using the very same to tap into the universal wisdom and use it for their own self-gain. They are hiding the 13 from the general population, because if each of us were to harness the secret gnosis, they would lose control over us. Evil would die and only Good would exist.

The number 13 brings the test, the suffering and the death. It symbolizes the death to the matter or to oneself and the birth to the spirit: the passage on a higher level of existence.

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