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Whether you’re looking to start a “brick and mortar” business, a home-based business, or an online business, this is for you. I’ve done it all, and learned a lot along the way. I can help you get started and grow. Below is my experience and recommendations, as well as my offer to you.

Interested In Your Own Business?

There’s a lot of people that wish to own their own business in todays world. Looking at news and statistics, we get mixed signals about what the economy is really doing, how hard it is to open a business, etc. This confusion keeps many entrepeneurs from doing so.

From personal experience, I can tell you that it is much harder to stay in business, or open one (especially if you’re in need of additional funds from a banking institution) in todays market. I’ve been a part of several businesses over the years in my pursuit to try and get a good business going. In the beginning, I was relatively young and chasing any opportunity that came my way. I worked jobs while trying some of them. A few of which was PrePaid Legal (now Legal Shield), Shaklee, Vector Marketing, and two janitorial companies. In the beginning of 2011 I finally found my career in ministry. It’s not the best paying career, but I love what I do – help people.

Based on my experience, I’m going to tell you that yes, today it is extremely difficult to get going in business. But it’s not impossible. First you need to figure out what type of business it is you want. If you don’t feel it, it’s not going to work. It won’t matter how much of the business you know and how well-dressed you are, customers know if you feel it or not. If you feel it, all the material in the world won’t matter because you’ll have your experience. You’re personal experiences is what sells the business. If you’re heart isn’t in it, it’s already doomed to fail. Think about what you’re passionate about – that’s you’re new business. Not that other factors don’t play into it, but it makes it so much easier if your heart’s in it.

Now let’s look at some ideas. The following is based off my experiences.

Network Marketing:

Shaklee was ok. I love their products. Not only did I test their products, I tested all the competitors too. I truly believed (and still do) in healthy living, also known as green living. Everything organic, no GMO’s. Shaklee truly has the best products on the market. Their shakes, vitamins, and other products had me feeling awesome. There was just one problem. The products are high priced (though for the quality it’s well worth it), and you have to pay for your associate website every month. High-priced items and money going out the door isn’t easy when you barely have money to begin with and people can’t afford the products. If you can afford a little money going out for awhile before everything breaks even, I recommend looking into Shaklee.

Another great Health & Wellness company, actually the fastest growing in America, and I’m still with to this day, is Le-Vel. Le-Vel offers great products. Let’s take a look.

So you see, Le-Vel’s Thrive products, which are all natural, offer so much help. You can join my team and help others get healthier and lead healthier lifestyles all while getting a healthier you at the same time.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit RedConrad.Le-Vel.com or email me at RevDrRed@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started Thriving.

Direct Sales (similar to network marketing)

For great Direct Sales opportunities, visit Join.RedConrad.com!

Brick and Mortar

The janitorial industry is one of the few industries that stayed relatively stable during the “Great Recession”. Having been VPO of a janitorial company in NY, I figured it would be an easy start here in FL. The only problem was I didn’t do enough research. The industry was doing great, I have the know-how, what could go wrong? I live in a rural area, couldn’t get bank loans, the market is flooded with house cleaners (one of the niches in the industry), most businesses had in-house cleaners or contracts with a monopoly that owns just about every cleaning business in my county and two neighboring counties. In NY, my company specialized in B2B, so that’s where I focused. My FL company was a green cleaning company, and I was hoping that would be give me the leg up. When I began to realize I rushed into business, I finally started looking deeper into the other niches. A new guy in town with a new company in a flooded market. Needless to say, after only a year and a half in business, my janitorial company closed it’s doors.

In the janitorial industry there are a lot of specialized niches, but it’s better to be well-rounded. And preferably situated in a high-population area, such as a city or suburb, to really stand a chance against the competition. If you’re interested in a steady industry, the janitorial industry is where to go. Be sure to study local demographics, that you know how to use the equipment properly (ex: power washer, buffer, etc), and know what you’re talking about.

If you’re considering going into the janitorial industry, I happen to have a pre-setup website for sale and The Janitorial Store will be able to help you with everything you need to know from bidding on jobs to training your employees.

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Other Options

If you’re looking for something maybe a little less costly, you can try an online business. There are two ways of doing this. One is selling your own products, or reselling others products, and the other is online marketing. We’ll discuss the online store first, then we’ll go into online marketing.

If you want to open your own online store, it’s really not that complicated. There are many well-known ways of doing so (such as eBay, Shopify, CaféPress, and Etsy). Many of the more popular ways of getting your store online costs money upfront for limited options. Want more options? Upgrade to the next plan. But what if there was a way to get your store online and functional for free? Would you do it? I hope your answer was “well…duh”. If it was, you’re in luck. The answer? Freewebstore.

Freewebstore gives you a fully functional online store, hundreds of customizable themes to choose from, SEO, marketing tools, superb customer service, and unlimited bandwdth all for free. Ofcourse, you have a subdomain of Freewebstore, only one checkout option (PayPal). But if you own your own domain, it’s really easy to attach it to the store. And when you upgrade, you get to select multiple payment options for your customers, including offline payment options. If you’re considering opening an online store, whether it’s to sell your own products or work with a drop-shipper, I highly recommend Freewebstore.

FreeWebstore.com - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!

Online/Affiliate Marketing

Online marketing is a little different. It’s still a business, and you’re still going to have to put time and effort into it to get it going. The good thing about it, though, is once you get it going it almost goes on auto-pilot. The same rules for any other business apply here as well. Your heart must be in it. You’re marketing products for other companies. It’s a lot easier to market a product you believe in and can take pride in, then a product that you think is horrible. Despite what many say, it won’t get you rich overnight, and there’s more work to it than just placing an ad on your website. You need to feel it. You need to be proud of the product you’re marketing. You need to be able to advertise it out, write reviews on the product, etc. In the long run, all your hardwork can pay off quite nicely if you know what you’re doing and stick with it.

If you understand online marketing is a business, not a get rich quick scheme, and would like to start your own online marketing business, a simple google search turns up a lot of affiliate programs. Some are through affiliate ad networks, and some businesses have their own in-house affiliate program. Whether you choose to work with a network or directly with a business, read the entire program over (including the ToS and Privacy Policy) to make sure it’s a program worth your time.

Join 7daypromos.com

If you’re interested in getting going with online marketing, but don’t know the first thing about it, that’s fine. All online marketers are there at some point in their business. And there’s those that spend years doing wrong, making no money, while searching out the non-existant get rich quick program; then there’s those who do it right. Be one of those who do it right and learn everything you need to know about online marketing, including a step-by-step walkthrough of how to build a successful online marketing website, from Wealthy Affiliate. They have been in the business the longest, outlasting every single pop-up online marketing business that thinks they’re going to get rich quick and then disappear just as fast as they appeared. Wealthy Affiliate is the industry professionals of online marketing. They have courses and guides to teach you everything you need to know, they help you through the process, and the WA community are all right there to answer any questions you have. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful online marketer in no time. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just for online or affiliate marketers either, you can take what they teach and apply it to virtually any business with an online presence.

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If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, but don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the right program for your site, I recommend VigLink. You post a code into your site that reads everything on your site. Any text or links you post will automatically convert to affiliate links if the text or link matches a product or merchant VigLink offers as soon as you publish the post.

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And there you have it. Four ways you can get a business started, even in this economy, and be a success. Keep in mind, these aren’t the only ways of doing it. These options are based on my personal experiences. If I had more options of ways to get in business, I’d tell you. Remember, whatever business model you choose and whatever industry you choose, make sure it’s a product or service you can stand behind and the market can handle another player. Business isn’t easy, it requires a lot of research and work. But it can be very rewarding in the long run when you hit success.

I recently launched a program called Sow Your Future™to help you get started with your business. I’ll help with your online business, or help you get a website up and running for your offline business. If you’re interested, check out Sow Your Future™ today. (Sow Your Future is currently down due to maintenance and upgrades. For information on how I can help you, email me at ReverendDrRed@gmail.com)

I can help you get started with everything from start to finish. I have the best line up for:

  • Business Plans
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain/Email Hosting
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Business Tools
  • And much more

All provided through services I have used and still use. Everything I offer to you has been tested by me personally and will help you run a smooth business to achieve success.

Jump Start Your Online Business

If you’d like to jumpstart your online business, or are an existing online business in Internet/Online Marketing, MLM/Network Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing and would like to gain a higher reach, try the following programs:

CPA advertising is great also. Wealthy Affiliate does have courses on CPA, but if you choose not to go through Wealthy Affiliate, the best place to learn and utilize CPA advertising is CPAlead.com.

MLM Gateway is an awesome site to promote you’re MLM, NM, DS business. It has more people in one already than not, but most are looking to join another to add variety as well as a second or third revenue stream. This is great because they already know and understand the industry. So the chances of these people signing up are significantly higher than the average prospect. You will also find the occasional prospect, what MLM Gateway refers to as an aspirant, who isn’t yet with a company. But, since they are on the network, chances are they already understand the industry and are researching different opportunities.

It is free to setup an account and use basic features. However, to unlock the full potential of the network, it’s $24.95/mo or $59.90/3 mos. Which really isn’t too bad if you take some time to learn how to leverage the network.

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

They also have a referral program which gives you 10 credits per referral (credits are used to advertise on their platform, seperate from recruiting – which is free) and you also recieve commissions on all paid referrals. On top of that, they have a seperate affiliate program that pays you for all new paid members referred by you. The more you get in sales the higher percentage you are paid. Commissions start at 35% and go up to 50%. So if you don’t want to join the network, you could still earn through being an affiliate. How cool is that?

Gateway Affiliates - MLM Gateway affiliate program

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Generate Extra-Income

If you’re looking to generate an extra-income without the hassle of starting your own business, or even along side your new business, check out the following sites:

Those listed I use myself. I am testing others as well. If they pay, I will list them as well. These are great sites to generate an extra-income by filling out surveys, joining discussion groups, or shadow/secret shopping.

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