Business Services

If you’re in business for yourself, or starting one, I can help you no matter whether it’s:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Direct Sales
  • Brick-and-mortar
  • eCommerce

I can help you with:

  • Website Creation
  • Email Lists/Marketing 
  • Ad Creation
  • Capture Page Creation
  • Sales Funnel Setup 

Prices for each may vary depending on how much time it takes, and how much of the work I do solo or with you. Here are the base prices:

  • Website Creation:
    • Solo – $300 plus registration and hosting fees.
    • With you – $150 plus registration and hosting fees.
  • Email List/Marketing – 
    • Creation alone – $25 plus any service plan fees
    • List creation and ad for list promotion – $75 plus any service plan fees
  • Ad Creation – $25 per ad per platform plus platform fees
  • Capture Page Creation – $20 per page plus any service fees
  • Sales Funnel Setup – $20 plus any costs and service fees of any segments of the funnel I create myself. If you have the different pieces and just want to “funnel” it, it’s $20 plus any service fees.

These prices may be quoted higher based on time, detail, etc. Service fees are any fees associated with the host of the capture page, website, email campaign, etc. I do not host anything myself. Once your chosen service is built and completed, all access and control is handed over to you. 

I am not responsible for any profits or losses you may experience using my service. I cannot and will not guarantee results of any kind. Results are strictly dependent on your target market trends at the time, and your marketing efforts.

All payments are final. There are no refunds whatsoever. All payments must be made in full before I do anything, should I accept the job. If payment is made, and you decide to cancel before work is completed, you will be have to contact the registrar and service host for a refund of their fees. My fee is non-refundable.

If you’re interested in possibly using my services, email me at and we’ll discuss the details. All terms discussed, as well as quoted price, must be agreed to before work is began. Payment will be seen as acceptance of said terms.

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