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There are many ways you can join us. You may join my personal staff, ministry staff, volunteer staff, fellowship with us, or join the movement team. A few ways you may join us and help the movement are below. You may contact myself or the ministry for further information:

For information about fellowshipping with us Click Here. If you are a pastor and would like to join the Spiritual Messiah movement or Spiritual Messiah Ministries click here.

My speaking career is what helps finance the ministry and coalition. Those who are on my personal staff will be helping me organize events and take on administrative positions in both the ministry and coalition.

Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Spiritual Truth Coalition & Movement:
We are looking for staff for the ministry, coalition, and the school.

We are strictly hiring True followers of Christ (Christians, Messianic Spiritualists, Christian Gnostics, and Jesusonians). Many tasks cover two to all three organizations, as they are all entities of Spiritual Messiah Ministries. We are looking for part-time help only. Scheduling will be done to work around any job you may already have. We are quickly growing beyond our capabilities, therefore it is required you have your heart devoted to God and working ministry. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to keep up with our expansion. We are a new ministry, so it must be understood certain times will be fast-paced and demanding.

Due to the fact we are a small ministry, we are also limited in our supplies. It would be helpful if you own a laptop/tablet and are willing to use it to accomplish certain tasks. We will supply you with the information needed to login to our systems from your device if necessary, depending on task you are given.

We are also looking for Research Bloggers for Christians United For Christ. Duties include, but are not limited to, locating news of Christian Persecution, Court Cases, etc and linking them in the correct category on the CUFC site; Writing articles on events not getting exposure.

All payroll matters will be discussed at your interview.

It is NOT required to have any prior seminary, degrees, etc. In fact, it’s preferred that you do not. What IS required is that you are willing to work in a fun, family environment; that you have an open-mind; you have welcomed His Spirit to take home in your heart and devote your life to God.

You do not need to be local to our main location to join us.

If you are interested, please send us an email containing your Name, Address, Contact info, Availability; to or

Put “Fellowship” or “Staff Inquiry” in the subject line of the email.

If you already belong to an organization, yet would still like to support our efforts, you may do so by donating to the ministry. No donation is too small.
Make a Donation Button Secure Donations via PayPal

[All OFFICIAL contact information and social media is linked on our websites, primarily on the ‘Contact Us’ pages. Please check our websites for official accounts and contact info if you wish to reach us and/or join us on social media:,,]

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