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I am a legally ordained minister (Proof of Credentials will be provided upon request to perform a ceremony) and perform all Christian ceremonies and services.

All proceeds go to help fund Spiritual Messiah Ministries and the Spiritual Truth Movement & Coalition.

Ceremonies and services I perform include, but are not limited to, funerals, baptisms, weddings, renewal of vows, counselling, House Blessings, Spiritual Cleansing, public speaking, Bible study, seminary, etc.

I will be sure to help the passing of your loved one as simple and free of problems as possible. Your loved one will not be forgotten, but will live on through memories and eternally with God.
$100 Donation

Link to Christian Memorials

This is an important ceremony that not only shows your willingness to bring yourself or your child up in the faith of Christ, but also allows the process of the Holy Spirit to take home in your or your childs heart.
No Set Donation. (Donations Of Any Amount Accepted)

Weddings and Renewal of Vows:
These are important ceremonies that show trust and faith between two individuals. I will make sure these ceremonies are performed the way you wish, with the presence of God.
$100 Donation
All weddings are subject to Spiritual Messiah Ministries ‘Marriage Policy’, which may be found near the bottom of our Marriage page by clicking here

To view my terms for non-member ceremonies, and request me for your ceremony, click here.

At my sole discretion, I will accept to perform ceremonies for non-members of our ministry; providing the ceremony falls within my faith and beliefs. I reserve the right to deny any and all non-member ceremonies for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all. If I accept your ceremony, all terms, donations, and costs must be agreed to. Even if I accept your ceremony, but you refuse any terms, donations, or other costs, I will not perform your ceremony.

I perform drug counselling, spiritual counselling, etc. The only thing I cannot and will not do is prescribe medication. If you feel you need medication, I will recommend a psychiatrist.
$50 Donation per session

House Blessing:
I perform blessings for your home and/or place of business to help keep evil spirits and influences out. Your home or place of business should be a safe place.
$75 Donation

Spiritual Cleansing:
I perform cleansing of homes, businesses, and individuals. If you feel you have a problem due to spirits, I do a free assessment. If there is in fact a spiritual problem, I will take care of it.
$75 Donation

Exorcism/Deliverance (Casting Out Of Demons):
Similar to a Spiritual Cleansing, but for more severe cases and strictly for the individual. There is a free assessment to determine the severity of the possession.
$75 Donation/Rite (Ceremony)

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Bible Study:
Available through Spiritual Messiah Ministries. Visit http://spiritualmessiahministries.org for info.
No Charge (Donations Accepted)

Visit the ‘Spiritual Messiah Ministries School of Divinity‘ page for information on seminary.

Public Speaking:
If you have an event and need a Christian speaker, I will gladly speak at your event. I will speak at ALL American Christian events. America needs to be given back to the people and God needs to be allowed back in America. Email me at ReverendDrRed@gmail.com to work out the details.


10oz. Holy Water – $2 plus Shipping/Handling.
KJV Bible (Jesus’ Words In Red)- $30
Crosses – Prices vary by size. Email inquiries. (Sizes: Male necklace, Female necklace, small wall cross, large wall cross) Prices on Crosses for wall and tabletop range from $30 – $60; Chains/necklaces from $30 – $50 (Sterling Silver)
KJV Edition Concordance – $60
1611 Edition KJV – $80
Lg Print KJV (Jesus’ Words In Red) – $45
A variety of shirts is now available at the ‘donation shop’ for $34.99 each
Hats are now available at the ‘donation shop’ for $39.99

There is a flat rate of $15 Shipping/Handling on ALL orders UNDER $150 and $30 on all orders ABOVE $150. If you make a purchase of an item in person from the ministry, you do not have to pay S&H. Florida State Sales Tax will apply for in person purchases of items.

To place an order, email myself at ReverendDrRed@gmail.com or the ministry at RevDrRedMinistries@gmail.com Include items you’d like, name, shipping address. All payments MUST be made via United States Post Office Postal Money Order ONLY (NO Western Unions or Personal Checks).
Donations can also be made via PayPal or Credit/Debit by Clicking Here
Make postal money order out to Rev. William Conrad and send to:
Spiritual Messiah Ministries
P.O. Box 343
Crescent City, Florida, 32112


Rev. William Conrad
P.O. Box 343
Crescent City, Florida 32112

Or click the button below to use your credit card or PayPal account:

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For further information I can be contacted via email ReverendDrRed@gmail.com or phone: 386-385-4218 If Im unable to answer the phone please leave a message.

I personally perform all Christian ceremonies and services in the following areas of Florida: Putnam County, Northeast Marion County, East Alachua County, South Bradford County, South Clay County, South St. Johns County, Flagler County, and North Volusia County.

I will perform ceremonies and services in other areas upon request or if Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries does not yet have a branch in your local area. In addition to ceremony donation will be any and all travel expenses; including, but not limited to, hotel, gas, food.

All* ceremonies and services requested of Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries will be accepted providing our pricing and terms as stated are agreed to.

*Weddings and Renewal of Vows will ONLY be performed for heterosexual (male and female) couples. We strictly follow the Bible and practice root-form Christianity, therefore it goes against our beliefs to perform homosexual Wedding and Renewal of Vows ceremonies. All weddings are subject to our ‘Marriage Policy’, which may be found near the bottom of our Marriage page by clicking here

For additional ceremonies and services through Spiritual Messiah Ministries, email spiritualmessiahministries@gmail.com or myself reverenddrred@gmail.com

The ministry is NOT the typical church. We are NOT in ministry for profit or to steal the enjoyment of your ceremony. It is supposed to be a joyous occasion, you shouldn’t have to worry about finances. If you would like a ceremony or service done, but you want it more personal or are looking for a “cheaper” way of accomplishing ceremony/service at hand, Spiritual Messiah Ministries is your answer.

The ministry hold online and local Bible study and seminary. Our classes are scheduled around your schedule so you never miss a session. For information and enrollment in Bible study or seminary, please send the ministry an email and specify if the inquiry is about Bible study or seminary, and whether your interested in online or local in-person sessions.

We are 100% American and 100% Christian.

Pricing varies by extravagance, length of ceremony/service, the amount of legal work you would like myself or the ministry to cover so you do not have to, etc. Any type and length of ceremony/service gauranteed to be lowest cost to you. For Weddings, if you already have a planner and wish me to perform the ceremony, the price listed above will be your charge.

Establishing your own ministry? For my assistance:

  • Basic Setup Info and any questions pertaining to it – $50 Donation
  • Assistance in drafting Constitution & ByLaws – $100 Donation
  • Any additional assistance (locating any local requirements that may apply, church/ministry name search, setting up websites, etc) – $75 Donation each
    • You are responsible for domain name, domain mapping, etc fees. We will attach the domain to your site for you within the confines of your domain registration. The most popular option is $300/yr (covers hosting, domain & domain mapping, fully featured website, no third-party ads). We will discuss the various hosting options and registrar’s. Once you’re hosting plan is active, we will begin constructing your website.
    • Additional donation of $25 each for website terms and privacy policy to be drafted by us.
    • Once the site is complete, it will be transfered to your sole ownership. We will help set it up, but it’s up to you to maintain it. If you’d like us to maintain it, there will be an additional monthly donation required. The donation amount will be determined by how much maintenance and updates is required each month.
  • Donations must be recieved before the services are rendered.

All churches/ministries I help establish will be Free Churches (508c1a). For more info on 508c1a vs 501c3, click here.

For further information and quotes on ceremonies and services email either myself: reverenddrred@gmail.com or the ministry: spiritualmessiahministries@gmail.com
I ask you to allow 2-3 days for a reply. In most cases you will have a reply within 2-3hours. But I do get busy with the ministry, at most it should only take 2 days for you to get a reply.

I also offer wellness advice and non-GMO & Organic products through my Wellness market – Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives. Current selection is:

  • Wearable nutrition
  • Shakes
  • Protein bars
  • Supplements
  • Energy drinks
  • Snacks
  • Teas

For products that will be available soon, visit ComingSoon.RedConrad.com Some products will be available for pre-order.

Thankyou and God Bless

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