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Rev. Dr. Red’s Fresh Fish

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Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. All orders available for pick up* or delivery.
* see Terms & Conditions – Local Orders – Term 3 for information


“Right Off The Boat” Fresh

We’re on the water almost everyday. On average, orders are filled next-day to two-days. For example: if you order on a Monday, you will have your order between Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening. Depending on the weather and amount of orders, if you order before 12p.m. (noon) you may be able to get your order filled same day. On occasion we do have extra fillets, depending on your order size you may be able to get an order for fillets filled same day.


[Prices may vary on Specialties/Delicacies]

$1.50/lb for Whole Catfish.

$2.50/lb for Gutted Catfish.*

$3/lb for Headed & Gutted Catfish.*

$3.50/lb for Fileted Catfish.*

Available Specialties/Delicacies:

Fingerlings: $4.50/lb (All orders for fingerlings must be paid upfront. See Terms & Conditions for details)

Tilapia (Seasonal: May through August)

$2/lb for Whole Tilapia

$2.50/lb for Gutted Tilapia*

$3/lb for Headed & Gutted Tilapia*

$4/lb for Fileted Tilapia*


$1.50/lb for Whole Gar

$2.50/lb for Gutted Gar*

$3.50/lb for Headed & Gutted Gar*

$4.50/lb for Fileted Gar*

(Restaurants, Bars, Wholesale Dealers, and other resellers: Email us at for wholesale pricing on bulk orders.)

You may inquire about pricing on special orders.

For example, let’s take an order for 10lbs of catfish:

  • Whole = $15
  • Gutted = $25
  • Headed & Gutted = $30
  • Filleted = $35
  • Specialties/Delicacies:
    Fingerlings = $45

*If you order Whole fish, and ask me to clean it upon delivery, the price will be for the weight of the pre-cleaned fish.
For example, let’s take an order for 10lbs of fish Whole. If upon delivery, you decide you want it fileted, the price is the cost of filets at the weight of the Whole fish of 10lbs. If you want fileted fish, it gives you more fillet for your money to order fillets. If you order a Whole fish and decide you want Filets instead before delivery, email or text us and we will update the order.

Order Information:

Payment may be made via:

  • PayPal account – Send payment to
  • Credit/Debit Card – Swipe your card at pick up / delivery OR use above method via PayPal (go to and insert credit/debit card information and submit payment to – PayPal may require you to make an account unless you pay via the Invoice you will recieve via email)
  • Cash
  • Trade/Barter – Local orders only. See Terms & Conditions -> Local Orders -> Term 9 for details.

The order form is at the bottom of this page. If the form doesn’t show, please send your order via email.

Click Here to go to the order form

If there’s any issues with the order form (ex: doesn’t appear or won’t submit), send all orders to or Include:

  • size of order (how many lbs of fish)
  • type(s) of fish
  • whether you want it whole, gutted, headed and gutted, or filleted
  • delivery option of choice (pick up or delivery – include address if delivery is chosen method)
  • Name
  • Phone Number (so I may contact you when I have your order)
  • and Date you would like order by.

Orders may also be text to 386-385-4218 or call 386-983-6415.

Currently Available:

Channel Catfish, White Catfish, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead, Blue Catfish

Available Specialties:

Fingerlings: $4.50/lb (All orders for fingerlings must be paid upfront. See Terms & Conditions for details)

Longnose Gar, Florida or Spotted Gar

Blue Tilapia


Of the currently available fish, species specific (ex: channel catfish, white catfish, etc) are not accepted. If you order catfish, the order will include the catfish I catch. Most orders of catfish will be channel and blue catfish. Likewise, no distinction is made between the types of Gar*. If you order Gar, it will include all Gar I catch.

*Gar – All orders for Gar will include the legal types of Gar listed above. The Alligator Gar will NOT be included in any orders, nor will orders for such be accepted. Please see Commercial Fishing Information for details.

To Order Fish, The Following Is Required

  • MUST be a resident of Florida who resides in Putnam County or the surrounding counties;
    be available to either (a) meet me where I’m fishing or nearby gas station to pick up fish or (b) provide an address where delivery may be made.(Shipping within the continental U.S. will be available soon. Pre-orders are being accepted. If an order is placed requiring shipping, it will be presumed all Shipping Terms have been read and accepted. Shipping for resellers throughout the continental U.S. is available, see Terms & Conditions -> ‘Terms For Resellers’ for details.)
  • If you are purchasing the fish with intent to resell, you MUST provide proof of license at time of purchase (may also be provided with order).


I have my CFL (Commercial Freshwater Fishing License). When I obtain my SPL and other required endorsements, I will add the option of Saltwater fish. Until then, only NON-GAME Freshwater fish orders will be taken.

Order Form

(If you don’t recieve a confirmation email or text within 3hrs of submitting your order, email your order to or or text your order to 386-385-4218)

I’m based in the Fruitland area of Crescent City. Serving areas north to Palatka and south to Deland. All areas further north or south, please see Terms & Conditions for order requirements. All areas outside the deliverable area that requires shipping, please see Shipping Terms

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Note: All orders paid via PayPal or Credit/Debit will see “Rev. Dr. Red” on your credit card statements.

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