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I love how ancient cultures did things to survive. I also have a problem with mechanized devices that in many cases do more harm than good.

At Reds Fresh Fish, I utilize these ancient techniques to fish. No commercial boats with mechanized devices. I currently use a canoe as my boat of choice. As Reds Fresh Fish expands, we will use a fleet of canoes and pirogues.

When you place an order for fish, my lines are dropped and nets cast. 

MyBoatMyEquip2Reds Fresh Fish will never use methods that are dangerous or harmful to the environment. Only the best methods that date back 10,000+ years will be used.

As technology advanced, many ancient methods were modernized or replaced altogether. Up until now, you would only see these methods being used by recreational and sport fisherman.

I’m hoping to draw attention back on fishing using these historical methods, and bring fishing back to the local market. Rather than a few international companies destroying the population of many species of fish, I’m working towards a future where fishing returns to local communities working with the ecosystem, not against it.

By using these methods, not only are we doing our part to keep the ecosystem of the waterways thriving, we are able to provide you with local, wild caught fish at affordable prices.

I’m based in the Fruitland area of Crescent City. Serving areas north to Palatka and south to Deland. All areas further north or south, please see Terms & Conditions for order requirements.

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