Commercial Fishing Information

Commercial Freshwater Fishing Information

From Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission’s page on Commercial Freshwater Fishing:

Any person who takes freshwater fish or frogs by any lawful method prescribed by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for purpose of sale is required to possess a Commercial Fishing License (resident or nonresident).
Allows harvest of non-game species only.
Holders of this license may sell to anyone but may not buy fish for the purpose of sale.
A valid Resident Commercial Freshwater Fishing License also allows recreational fishing.
A Commercial Freshwater Fishing License is required even for the use of trotlines of 25 hooks or less when fish are taken for purpose of sale.

Fish Information:
The following are considered Non-Game Fish (Via FWC Fishing Regulations) and therefore may be ordered: Channel Catfish, White Catfish, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead, American Shad*, Longnose Gar, Bowfin*, Chain Pickerel*, Florida or Spotted Gar, Flathead Catfish*, Blue Catfish, Jaguar Guapote*, Mayan Cichlid*, Oscar*, Common Carp*, Yellow Perch, Blue Tilapia
*Currently NOT Available For Order

The FWC lists the following as Game Fish, and therefore any orders for the following will NOT be accepted:
black bass, crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, warmouth, redbreast sunfish, spotted sunfish, flier, mud sunfish, longear sunfish, shadow bass, peacock bass, white bass, striped bass and sunshine bass, grass carp
(bluegill and sunfish are commonly called brim or bream)

Alligator Gar requires a scientific collector’s permit to take and therefore orders for such will NOT be accepted.

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