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Red’s Fresh Fish FAQ’s

1. Can I get my fish same day I contact you? Why is there a 1-3 day wait on orders?

On rare occasions, yes. Normally, no. Most orders take 24-48hrs to complete. This is because we catch all fish to order; meaning when you place an order for X lbs, we go out and catch at least X lbs of the type of fish you ordered. We currently do not keep a rolling stock, though occasionally we will have surplus. If you happen to order fish on a day we have surplus fish, you may be able to get your order filled same day.

In the future, we may keep a rolling stock of fish. However, our stock will only be filets. All whole, gutted, or headed & gutted fish orders will remain on the ‘caught to order’ basis.

Likewise, we also fill orders in the order they came in.

2. Do you sell brim?

No. Brim is actually not a single fish, but many. The sunfish and bluegill are what is commonly called brim, and all sunfish and bluegill are listed as game fish by the FWC. It is illegal to sell any game fish. Therefore, we will not sell brim or fill any orders for brim.

For more information, visit our ‘Commercial Fishing Information‘ page.

3. How come you don’t list an address?

We currently do not have a customer accessible storefront. We are strictly a mobile fish market. We can either deliver to your door, you can pick up from the dock we’re using that day or a central public location, or you can purchase your fish from when we’re set up roadside.

For more information, please visit our ‘Terms & Conditions‘ page.

4. How can I contact you?

You can contact us a few different ways.

Email: RedsFreshFish@gmail.com

Phone: 386-983-6415

Message us on facebook: Facebook.com/RedsFreshFish

Tweet or Direct Message us on Twitter: @RedsFreshFish

Direct Message us on Instagram: @RedsFreshFish

Message Red on facebook: Click Here

Text Red: 386-385-4218

Tweet or Direct Message Red on Twitter: @TheRevDrRed

These are the only official ways to contact us. Noone else, and no other entity, is authorized to accept orders or answer questions on our behalf.

5. Why is purchasing local, wild caught fish important?

Most fish in supermarkets are farm-raised and/or imported. American fish farms are usually better run and produce healthier fish then international fish farms, but they still don’t taste like a wild caught fish and may still be sprayed with chemicals during processing.

Farm-raised fish are fed a strict diet. This diet largely consists of GMO corn and other GMO products. They are also over-produced, which leads to tank over-population and smaller than average sized fish. Many international fish farms have also been found to feed their fish pig feces.

Most international fish have been reported being processed in extremely unhealthy conditions. Such conditions include laying around in the heat and flies gathering on the fish. Add this to fish being fed pig feces, and then being sprayed with carbon monoxide or other chemicals, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy fish.

Local commercial fishermen catch from the wild, which means the fish is eating it’s natural diet and living in it’s natural habitat. These fish will taste as they’re supposed to, and are far healthier than their farm-raised and imported counter-parts. You’re getting the full health benefits from a local, wild caught fish.

Also by choosing local, wild caught fish, you are helping the local economy. Each fish purchased from a local fisherman not only helps that fisherman stay in business and support his family, that money is going back into the local economy.

In short, local, wild caught fish is healthier both for you and the local economy.

6. Do you work with other fishermen?

Yes and no.

No in the sense we are employed by other, larger operations. We are not employed by any other organization, company/business. We are our own, independent fish market. We catch our own fish and supply what we catch. If you order a fish we supply, and live within our deliverable area, we will handle your order. We only handle local orders. We will not, and do not, export our fish internationally for ourselves or with another fishery.

Yes in the sense that we will help other fishermen of a local fishery fill their orders. We will also put you in contact with a local fisherman, if we know of any, who supplies fish you are looking for that we don’t supply. If we don’t know of any off-hand, we will do our best to track down a local fisherman to put you in contact with through our network.

7. How will I know or can I find out when and where you will be set up roadside?

When we will be setting up roadside we will be announcing when (day and time) and where via our facebook page. To be sure you don’t miss us, ‘Like’ us on facebook.

When we are set up roadside, we mostly only have filets. If you are looking for whole, gutted, or headed & gutted, you will need to place an order. If you don’t want to wait until we’re roadside, place an order by filling out the order form.

When set up roadside, we will only be there for a limited time. If we sell out or ice supply starts getting low, we will pack up and leave before our scheduled time and announce such via our facebook page.

8. How often do you have fish?

Unless it’s raining or another situation arises, we are on the water. However, this does not mean we have available fish everyday. Most fish we catch are filling orders recieved. If you would like same-day fish, you must contact us before noon to inquire about any surplus.

When we have available a rolling stock of filets, you will be able to get filets same day. Whole, gutted, or headed & gutted, you will still need to contact us before noon to inquire about any surplus.

If no surplus is available, your order will be filled in 1-2 days (depending on catch size and amount of orders that may be ahead of you).

9. Why when I pay via PayPal or use my Credit/Debit card, does my statement say “Rev. Dr. Red” instead of “Reds Fresh Fish”?

Currently all non-cash payments are processed via PayPal. Red has a single business account with child-accounts for Red’s Fresh Fish, his ministry, and his online business. All payments to the businesses and donations to the ministries account will show the name of parent-account, not the child-account.

When paying via PayPal, submit payments to RedsFreshFish@gmail.com or RevDrRed@gmail.com. Payments to the online businesses email or to the ministries email will not be considered payment for your order, regardless of the fact they all go to the same parent-account. The organizations funds are seperated and are not connected to each other.

All funds do go to the respective place; and if you choose to pay via invoice, you will see Red’s Fresh Fish information and logo on the invoice. [All resellers and those who request shipping (when available) must pay via invoice to recieve your order]

In the future, we may offer additional payment options.

10. Why is your website a subdomain of Red’s site instead of having your own site?

Everyone starts somewhere, right? We started here in the very early days of our business. We now also have our own website at RedsFreshFish.com dedicated just for Red’s Fresh Fish, with our very own blog. This site is being phased out. For now, Red will be leaving this area of his site for Red’s Fresh Fish up and live. However, all links to other pages now forward to our official site – RedsFreshFish.com. RedsFreshFish.ReverendDrRed.com, seen on our early ads around the internet and early business cards, now forwards you to RedsFreshFish.com

We are still accepting orders through Red’s site as well as our site. Until this section of Red’s site is completely phased out, orders will still be accepted through this site. The only real difference is that we have a blog on our site and another web address. Both sites will always run current pricing and order forms on both sites come to us.

11. Do you sell wholesale? Do you supply resellers/retailers?

Our retail prices are as low as we can afford to keep our prices. Depending on your location and average price, one could argue you are getting “wholesale” or “next to wholesale” pricing from us.

Yes we do supply resellers/retailers. Resellers have a minimum order size requirement in order to achieve lower pricing than our listed retail prices. If you are a reseller/retailer, please see ‘Terms For Resellers’ on our our Terms & Conditions page for further information.

If you have a question that is not listed here, or are a local fisherman and would like to network with us, send an email to RedsFreshFish@gmail.com

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