My Views

As you are aware, I am the founder of Spiritual Messiah Ministries and the Spiritual Truth Movement & Coalition. The ministry and the online presence of the ministry, I try to keep a certain feel and environment going. Nothing but the 100% Truth. I try not to allow myself or the staff make things too opinionated. I try to keep the environment as family-oriented as possible and have only the Strait Truth be taught. Before anything is taught at a Bible Study or published to the website, many hours of study are done matching it to current events and double checking our sources and discussing things amongst ourselves. The ministry is important to me. I feel it is my calling from God. I have put 13yrs so far into my studies (at the time this is being written). About 10 3/4yrs into my studies is when I finally received my legal ordination and my Doctorate in Divinity. I want to be sure before the ministry states anything, it is well researched and 100% Truth.

The Spiritual Truth Movement & Coalition is an organization that was formed through the ministry for Christians of all sects/denominations to work together and show support for each other. We are all Brothers and Sisters.

Through this website, as well as my speaking career, you will come to see a less strict individual than you do through the ministry or the coalition. I am a very lively individual who enjoys nothing more than to help people and spread the Gospel. Here you will see more postings including my opinions, whether the Bible proves me right or wrong, and pieces of my life story.
Many postings will be the same as what you will find by me on the ministries website, but you will find much more as well. You’ll be able to take a look into my past and present, as this site grows. You will be able to learn about me and really get to know me as I preach the Truth.

Hopefully, I will also be able to get to know all you. After all, we are all Brothers and Sisters under God.

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