My Story

My Story
I was raised a Catholic in a strictly Catholic family. My Grandma Lucky and Grandpa Red came here from Ireland (my moms side). My Grandma and Grandpa Bill came from Germany (my dads side). My dads parents were extremely strict. 

Growing up a typical kid in the church, it did not take long before I had questions. Questions that were given answers that made absolutely no sense to me. By the time I was about 13yrs old I was with the understanding that Catholicism was false and I played around with different faiths. I went atheist first. Around 14 1/2, maybe 15, I experimented with Wicca first which led into Satanism. Around 16 I felt I wanted answers and nothing was giving me those answers. So I began my studies. First in conspiracy theories, which branched into politics, spirituality, history, etc. My studies increasingly took up more and more of my time.

By 17, I fell under the category of Agnostic. I wanted to believe, but I wanted the Truth. I wanted proof. As my studies continued; I joined the Marines, had three businesses, lost everything I owned, ran into alot of bumps in the road. The worse my life was, the harder I studied. It had gotten to the point when I would go to work at a local 7eleven, people would pile in. Not to buy anything, but to listen to me preach. Considering I grew up an introvert, it felt odd to me talking to crowds of people. Another thing that felt odd to me, was the fact I was preaching the Truth and Light that is Jesus Christ, but I was still looking at myself an agnostic. I was in my studies for answers for myself, not to preach. Yet I was doing just that, preaching.

Through my studies, I learned of more than 32 faiths. I compared each faith to each other and lined up the similarities and differences. Thanks to my Grandma Lucky I was interested in Celtic Spirituality, also known as Celtic Christianity. The beliefs of the Celts (not to be confused with the Druids) always had very Christian beliefs. Even before the coming of Christ. When Christ had been crucified and the apostles were sent out, we had the addition of the Celtic Cross and Jesus’ name became that of the deity. The orb in the center of the cross symbolizes Christ’s spirit.

As everything continued to the bottom of a bottomless pit in NY, I lost my job and a place to stay. I needed a place and money fast. Without much time left to really think anything over, a place in Florida was mentioned. Shortly after arriving in Florida I recieved my legal ordination and achieved my Doctorate in Divinity. About 3 months later Spiritual Messiah Ministries was formed. Not long after was the Spiritual Truth Movement & Coalition and the School of Divinity.

To this day my studies continue and will continue unto my death. Everyday a Truth is revealed to those who seek it. But at the same time I am completely baffled as to how my life played out. Just a few years ago (from the time this is being written) I would have told you I had no want to take on ministerialhood, I was just going through the studies to find answers. Yet, I have taken on a life of ministerialhood. It’s as if ministerialhood was my fate and my life of problems was my preparation. I truly feel I wound up a minister because this is what God wanted of me. I truly feel I have been called into this line of work.

While I may never completely understand how it happened, it happen nonetheless. I feel through the hardships and experiences in my life, I can better help those in the same boat and show them the wonders of God’s grace. Allowing His Spirit to take home in your heart and to truly have faith in Jesus is the most amazing feeling one can have.

Through all of my studies, one thing that is increasingly apparent is this: God truly does work in mysterious ways. I may have lost everything in the material world, but I gained in the spiritual. For that I thank God. Everyday He answers my questions and is using me to give these answers to others. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you helped someone come closer to God.

Just to clarify I view myself for what I am.  The terms that fit are Israelite, Gnostic and Messianic Spiritualist. Christian is too broad a term in Western society. The West seems to not realize that Christianity has a much longer and broader history that what is taught by most mainstream institutions. Christians weren’t called Christian until more than 100yrs after Christ’s crucifixion by the non-believing Jews. No I am not Catholic. For information on Catholicism, Protestantism, and True Christianity visit or

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