Why Long Hair And Beard?

Why does Rev. Dr. Red (and others of Spiritual Messiah Ministries/ Rev. Dr. Red Ministries) wear long hair and a beard?
It is not a requirement to wear long hair and/or a beard to join us. However, if you do so, Gods laws pertaining to it must be followed. (It is a requirement for Pastors and other leaders of the ministry)

1) Its a sign of devotion to God; abiding by Gods Holiness Code
2) It seperates us from other cultures and faiths
3) We refuse to show subserviance to anyone other than God (Throughout history long-hair was a symbol of strength, faith, wealth; whereas short-hair was more common amongst slaves, peasants, and the un-faithful.)
4) A shaved or altered beard is a sign of mourning or distress amongst the faithful.
5) A beard is a sign of masculinity, strength, and wisdom
6) Many of the Prophets, and Jesus Himself had long-hair and a full beard.
7) Most importantly, it’s how God made us. If God did not want man to have long-hair or a beard, why create us with the ability to grow it.

Some statistics also show, on average, a woman can grow hair longer lengths than a man can naturally.

Many mainstream Christians, particularly mainstream pastors, quote Paul’s statements to the Corinthians (largely out of context). Is nature (fallen man) the same as God’s Word? And what about all the other verses throughout, that even when taken out of context, speak of God and what He accepts?

They also go on to admit the fact God stated we are to be separate from the rest, both spiritually and physically. While admitting this, they also admit the pagans had cropped, shaved, etc hairstyles. They then suggest since the larger number of society had cropped hair, shaved heads, or shapes shaved into their hair which symbolized different pagan deities, that early Christians (especially Jesus Himself) would have done likewise. This begs the question: Do you not see the hypocrisy of your own admissions?

If popular culture had short, shaved, or shaped hairstyles – and God’s people are to set themselves apart – why then, would Christians have worn the styles of the pagans? They wouldn’t have.

If God did not show discontent for those who wore clean, up kept, long hair, then why do today’s Christians? (The malcontent for long hair did not begin until the World Wars of the 1900’s.)

If long hair is unGodly, then why was it even mentioned not only a requirement of the Levite priesthood but also the Nazirite vow (a vow to God)?

Long hair is not only accepted by God, but it is an outwardly expression of faith and a vow taken to God.

Note: Beards may be short, as long as it’s a full beard. Mustaches, goatees, etc are considered shaped. God states that the beard must follow the shape of the face, it is not to be altered. So, the beard may be trimmed and kept short; it does not have to be full length. How long you grow your beard is your personal preference (if your occupation/profession allows facial hair).

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