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When this ministry first started 2011, it’s what I did full-time. I feel I was called to ministry and very much enjoyed the research, meeting new people, and helping others understand or come to the faith. Over the years this ministry has helped me grow just as much as it helped you all grow. I will always enjoy ministry work.

It started out small and rapidly grew to a size even I couldn’t believe. With fellowshippers all around the globe and several branches blanketing Kenya and invitations to India, Romania, and other nations. Throughout this process I established a very simple point: God’s word is free. I did not enter ministry as an income based endeavor, but because I was called into ministry. I’m not going to put a “gate” up forcing payment to view the ministries sites nor will I demand tithes locally. There are other ways people can help ministry, especially locally and in poorer areas (ie: businesses and individuals could share their services with the ministry).

However, due to this, and the popular belief (particularly in the US) that ministries and churches are all subsidized in one form or the other, I’ve had to take up other lines of work to pay the bills. Full-time ministry and church staff in most ministries and churches are paid out of the churches or ministries income, especially 508c1a’s; which is what this ministry is. To help support the ministry, the ministry sells Christian items. But the larger portion is covered by me.

As I began venturing into other work to help keep bills paid and this ministry alive and well, people began to take notice as weekly blog posts, videos, and podcasts are no longer weekly. The ministry continues to receive emails and phone calls asking that such services/features continue. I’d love to start these weekly again. However, to do so requires time. Believe it or not, sermons take 30+hrs to put together on average. It takes time to research the topic and take notes, organize the notes, and then turn said notes into a sermon (or in the case of this site, a blog post, video, and podcast). It then takes time to upload content to the various channels so it’s viewable.

In order for this to be able to return to a weekly schedule, enough donations need to come in to cover cost of the bills to keep the ministry going so time is permitted to continue to upload content to the ministries sites, and to again be available 24/7 for ministry related phone calls and emails. This donation doesn’t need to be large either. A donation of just $1-5 per month would be enough to keep a weekly schedule with fresh content uploading to these sites as a blog post, video, podcast episode, or combination thereof.

Your donation of just $1-5/mo would allow for:

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The Altered World In Which We Live

This is an important message and will take some time to get through. Please be sure you have some time to go through this message or bookmark this page so you can pick up where you leave off.

Please share this post if you find it helpful.

What’s going to be presented here may sound strange to those of you who haven’t already heard what’s happening. For those who have an idea of what’s being stated here, hopefully this will provide an explanation and comfort.

Where possible will be video(s) that cover a point I’m trying to make. Please watch the video(s) I link to. Please don’t skip any video(s) or graphics or you may not get the point I’m trying to get across.

To introduce what is happening, please watch the first half of the following video. Have a piece of paper and a pen handy and do the exercise with them. It’s only 10 questions. Please also have your Bible at your side so you can look at the referenced verses for yourself.

(If the video doesn’t show or play, click here)

Now that you’ve heard what’s happening, please don’t be in disbelief. There are many theories as to why this is happening. Some have suggested God, others satan, and others are mentioning theories you’d expect to see in Science-Fiction movies. Such theories include:

  • Alternate realities or timelines merging
  • The DWave/Quantum computer altering our reality
    • CERN altering our reality

I will explain what I feel is actually happening and why it’s happening.

I’m using video to show some of the evidence because every piece of text is changed. I don’t want to quote something in text and have it change upon publishing. Some pastors, as you saw in the video above, believe they’ve been mis-quoting for many years because their own printouts have changed. Videos are disappearing or being removed from YouTube. Please let me know if any videos or links don’t work.

Here’s another video by another pastor who sees the changes and didn’t quite know how to tell his congregation:

(If the video doesn’t show or play, click here)

Why are these things happening? Because they must. I’m going to provide some scripture and pray these verses don’t lose their meaning or change as other verses have.

2Thes 2:11
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Amos 8:11-12
Behold the days come saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

12And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.

This is a very scary time in which we currently live. Many want to believe they’re just remembering wrong and the Bible has always said these things. But then how do you explain the logos, movie lines, song lyrics, that have all changed? You are not remembering wrong, nor are you crazy. This is very real. It’s actually happening. The Bible predicted this was going to happen.

Our anatamy has changed. See the following video:

(If the video doesn’t show or play, click here)

Let’s take a look at a couple movie/show lines that changed and what they could be telling us:

1) “Life IS like a box of chocolates…” becomes “Life WAS like a box of chocolates…”

This could be telling us that whereas life used to be a mystery, we didn’t know what was going to happen, now we know what to expect. From a Biblical standpoint, we weren’t sure when exactly the End Times, Tribulation was going to be upon us. Many hoped we’d make it through life without seeing it. This movie line change is now suggestive End Times is upon us, the Bible laid out what would happen in what order. Therefore, we should know what to expect tomorrow based on what happens today.

2) “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” becomes “It’s a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood”

The original line was suggestive of the old times, or beginning. Every thing was nice – nature, animals, people. Now, however, we are being claimed by Satan. We are being told his rule has either started or is about to begin.

3) “Luke, I am your father” becomes “No, I am your father”

This could be implying that Satan is attempting to take his place as God. To lead us all into believing he is Jesus.

Many company/business and product logos are changing as well. Here are a few videos on logo changes:

(If video does not show or play, click here)

(If video does not show or play, click here)

(If video does not show or play, click here)

(If video doesn’t show or play, click here)

Our geography is also different. Entire continents shifted, and now we have a new country. Here’s a video that shows the current geography with evidence of what the world used to look like:

(If video does not show or play, click here)

King David told us to write the Word of God upon our hearts. He said this because he knew this day was coming. Trust your hearts, trust your memories. Don’t allow anyone to tell you you’re crazy or wrong. We are here and able to see the changes because God has a purpose for us.

These things are happening because God is allowing them too. Jesus told us these days were coming and these things have to happen. But God is still in control. God and Jesus remain unchanged, no matter what anyone or any text says. A piece of paper with words cannot change the True God and the True Jesus.

We are seeing these things because we have strong faith and God is issuing to us a warning. This warning is saying:

  1. You (the Church) haven’t been paying enough attention to the Word of God. You (the Church) have been mis-reading and mis-using the Word of God. In so doing, you have completely missed the message. Now I’m (God) making you (the Church) pay attention. (To the Church as a whole)
  2. The End is upon you (Earth). Pay attention and prepare. 

Some believe time either is running out, or already has. Time running out primarily for new converts. They feel that once the Bible has enough changes to significantly change it’s meaning, converts will cease to exist. Oh ye of little faith! It is not the Bible that makes converts, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and His promise of everlasting life upon accepting Him into our hearts; it is how we as Christians treat each other and non-believers; this is how people come to convert to the one true God. The Bible is only a tool, a tool the first Apostles and believers didn’t have. The only tool they had was their faith and the message of Christ. Is your faith so little that we need more then the message of Christ, more then Christ Himself, to preach His message and show people the Light? To bring people into Christ?

The Bible says The Last Days will be just as they were in the days of Noah. Everyone relates this just to homosexuality and a small bit of paganism. Evil ran free in Noahs day, as it is doing today. We are in End Times, we are witnessing the beginning of the Great Deception.

There is nothing to fear, however.

Joshua 1:9
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Jesus said these things are to happen and now they are. He is still in control, and always will be. Don’t doubt yourself. If you are seeing changes it is because God is trying to tell you something. Through these changes, we are being told roughly where we are in Prophecy, knowing this tells us what we can expect next. I believe those who can see the changes have also been chosen to keep the Word of God alive. It is up to all of you to keep teaching and preaching Truth, no matter how bad things get and how much more the Bible may change.

Keep true to your faith, do as King David suggested and write the Word of God upon our hearts, put on the armor of God, and march forward. We will make it through to the other side. 

There will be many converts if we keep true to Christ. Many are already converting due to these changes. They see the changes and are coming to Christ. So why would there not be converts to Christ when things become worse? Keep in mind also, the Bible also says many will come to Christ in these Last Days.

If nothing else, these changes, this phenomena, should only ground you in your faith more deeply. Don’t allow yourself to fall into confusion and accept the Deception. God is showing you these things to keep you free from Satan and to continue worshipping in Truth, and to continue being Light to a world of growing darkness.

A brief list of verses that have changed as of this writing (this is not a complete list). Read them and see if they read how you remember them:

  • Genesis 1:1, 
  • Exodus 34:14; 19-20
  • 2 Kings 6:28-29; 18:27, 
  • Isaiah 11:6, 
  • Habakkuk 3:3-4 
  • Mathew 9:17; 26:7, 
  • Mark 2:22; 14-3, 
  • Luke 7:28-29; 36-27; 17:34-35; 19:23, 27, 
  • Acts 12:4, 
  • Revelation 1:13; 5:6; 15:3, 
  • Other changes include:
    • Gold, bdellium, onyx stone mentioned in the creation story
    • The Garden is now in Eden, as opposed to the Eden being the Garden (Garden of Eden)
    • There is a new verse in Revelation, the verse is 22:21

(If the video doesn’t show or play, click here)

(If the video doesn’t show or play, click here)

(If video doesn’t show or play, click here)

(If video doesn’t show or play, click here)

(If the video does not show or play, click here)

These things are happening to attempt to bring us away from Christ. Don’t allow that to happen. No matter what anyone or anything says, Christ is the same always. You know the true Christ in your hearts. Hold onto your relationship with Christ and you won’t fall for the deception being thrown at us.

For additional commentary on the changes in the Bible, view the ministries statement by clicking here.

Have you noticed any changes? If you have, what changes do you see? What do you think these changes mean?


The Mandela Effect And Christians

United In Confusion

There are many Christians of all denominations that are seemingly united in a state of confusion. They all cry for unity as Christians et al, but don’t quite understand unity or how to practice what they preach.

In the call for unity, it is commonly said “denominations need to stop attacking each other”, “smaller denominations should join larger ones” or the similar “smaller churches should join larger churches or a denomination”, or from many Catholics “you all need to come back to the Catholic Church, we’re right and you’re all wrong”. Unfortunately, all these statements have flaws; and the Catholics (Roman) seem to forget that Roman Catholicism isn’t the only Catholic Church. There are 6 major Catholic Churches, Roman Catholicism being one; the other 5 are spread across Russia, the Mideast, and Africa.

Whereas it would be nice to have a single denomination with set of doctrines, it must be understood that that hasn’t been since the early Church, nor will it ever be. There has always been, and always will be, multiple denominations with their own doctrines. What holds the different denominations united as a single Church is not doctrines and dogmas, but the Christian worldview. Any true Christian church or ministry, despite it’s own doctrines, shares the Christian worldview as taught by Christ. Any church that diverges from the Christian worldview taught by Christ is not part of the larger Church.

Now, let’s take the statements many Christians falsely state in a sense of unity and explain how they are false or how the Christians using them are misunderstanding the concept of unity:

“Denominations need to stop attacking each other”
When Christians attack another denomination, it is not an attack of the individuals who follow the teachings of the denomination. It is an attack on the dogmas and doctrines that counter the Christian worldview and those of the denomination who knowingly teach the denominations followers falsehoods. It is not a personal attack on the followers. It is a Christians job to look out for our brethren and help them stay on the right path.

“Smaller denominations should join larger ones” or the similar “smaller churches should join larger churches or a denomination”
Smaller denominations joining larger ones or smaller churches merging with larger churches or a denomination is counterproductive in the long run. If a smaller church or denomination shares the same doctrines and dogmas as each other or a denomination, then it may be beneficial for a merger. However, if doctrines and dogmas don’t line up, leaving just the Christian worldview in common, a merger would only likely create confusion within the now joined fellowships, and lead to a split. Likewise, you may have members of merging churches that don’t agree with the merger over the differences in doctrine, and end up creating another (yet smaller) church.

“You all need to come back to the Catholic Church, we’re right and you’re all wrong”
The Roman Catholic Church is not the only Catholic Church. There are 5 other major Catholic denominations. There are also many small Catholic denominations and independant Catholic churches. Likewise, the Roman Catholic Church is not the original Church. Before the Roman Catholics, there existed many churches. Most of these churches were persecuted and annihilated by the Roman Catholic Church. Few of these pre-Roman Catholic churches exist to this day. Not only do many pre-Roman Catholic churches still exist today, but many newer denominations broke from these other churches and denominations. Mainly, only the Protestant denominations in the West had broke from the Roman Catholic Church. There are also churches that organically grow, not birthed from any other denomination.

In the call for unity within the Church, every Christian must first understand the history of the Church, and how the early Church was united despite each churches/denominations differences. By suggesting Christians cannot (or should not) correct one another, state the truth about doctrines and dogmas that are counter to the Christian worldview, etc., you must ask yourself if you yourself are even a Christian or understand what it means to be Christian.

Many Christians state the paraphrased statements above in fear of losing new converts due to a seemingly constant civil war amongst Christians or the repercussions that may be experienced by speaking truth. How far are we to go before our own silence and fear destroys the Christian worldview? How watered-down are we to allow the core Christian message to become? How many falsehoods are we going to allow into the larger Church?

Whereas many outsiders may be confused by inter-denominational arguments, if each denomination shares the Christian worldview and the arguments are a difference in the lesser doctrines and dogmas, that shouldn’t be an issue for a possible convert. The issue that will turn converts away is the manner in which these arguments take place. If the argument is over a percieved anti-Christian doctrine or dogma, and the argument is taking place respectfully, this is a non-issue. But if both parties are getting vile and nasty, including name-calling and possibly profanities, especially if the parties involved can’t respect each others differences while staying strong in a Christian worldview, this is what will turn converts away.

If a denomination is proven to be teaching (knowingly or otherwise) doctrines that are clearly counter to the larger Christian worldview, any respectable Christian will call the denomination out on it. Attempt to explain the fallacies and get them back on the right path. If they refuse, than the Christian will try to get the denominations followers to see the falsehoods and either join a true Christian church or to force the leaders of the denomination to return to a strictly Christian worldview. No respectable Christian will sit idly by while their brethren are being misled and taught fallacies.

Christians, your call for unity is a wonderful thing to see. I am glad we are finally united across denominational lines in our want for unity. Before you attack another for calling out a denomination on its fallacies, or take the calling out of the denomination as a personal attack, understand what the Christian doing the calling out is saying. Look up the true meaning of unity. And, most importantly, research and understand the early Church and the many denominations. Only when you truly understand the Church history and their unity despite their differences, will you understand the “attacks” on denominations and mega-churches, and be able to insert an intelligent, well-researched, comment or opinion into the debate.

Another common thought amongst Christians, is that you shouldn’t leave your church or denomination just because you don’t agree with what they teach. Quite frankly, that is one of the most absurd views I see many Christians stating.

Many feel only the leadership has the right answers since they went to seminary and have degrees and therefore God holds them in a special light and only communicates with them. Where do you think this education came from? Why did they seek it? It was largely because God called them into ministry. Before seminary, they were just an ordinary person like you. For those who self-educated, they were just an ordinary person before doing so. After the calling from God, these individuals either self-educated themselves, went to seminary, or both in order to better be equipped to fulfill their calling. If God is communicating with them prior to furthering their education and becoming leaders, why would He not also communicate with you?

It’s perfectly ok to disagree with a doctrine or dogma your church teaches and to join one that you agree with. Especially if you feel the particular doctrine or dogma goes against the Christian worldview. Christ does not want any of us to be led astray or stay in a church we know are feeding us lies. To stay in a church you disagree with, or know is teaching fallacies, is ignorance at its finest. It doesn’t matter if your family has been members of the same church for generations, when that church begins to go astray it is time to find a church that is still in the bounds of a Christian worldview.

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In the fight to save America and keep Christianity in its roots (as Christ preached it), there are several organizations that pop up. Many lose sight of the battle, get bought-out, or are threatened into preaching heresy. However, there is an initiative started by Rev. Dr. Red and Spiritual Messiah Ministries that wont falter. Rev. Dr. Red and Spiritual Messiah Ministries cannot be bought-out or threatened into siding with the enemy. Nor will sight be lost. Rev. Dr. Red and Spiritual Messiah Ministries are being led by Christ.

The movements are as follows:

The Spiritual Truth Coalition
Uniting Christians, Jesusonians, and other Christ-following individuals and churches/ministries in the Truth, educating about 501(c)3 incorporation vs 508 status, etc. It is the job of the pastors to preach and teach Truth to their congregation in order to keep Christ’s message alive in society.

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Also started was Reds Revelations
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Then there’s the Patriot Nationalist Movement
A political movement started by Rev. Dr. Red and Spiritual Messiah Ministries in an attempt to educate people of the altered Constitution via the “Congressional Act of 1871”, the actual U.S. Constitution and what it means, all the issues facing America today and how they can be solved. We also aim to back any true American candidates and make sure they get into office and replace the Communists/Marxists currently in OUR offices of OUR nation. The Patriot Nationalist Movement aims to re-instate the ORIGINAL U.S. Constitution, to awaken the American Spirit, restore Freedom, and ultimately save America.

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A project started by Rev. Dr. Red and Spiritual Messiah Ministries is Operation Bible (for the projects first task Click Here) –

The aim of Operation Bible is to put Bibles in the hands of Christians all over the world. Spiritual Messiah Ministries recieves many requests from international ministries for Bibles. The ministry cannot do it alone, and Operation Bible was formed.

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