[UPDATE 2] The Dark Knight Rises Massacre: Conflicting Stories

In The Dark Knight Rises Massacre I go over a the details of the shooting and mention a few different theories revolving around the shooting. Many questions have gone unanswered, details missing, and a gag order. Things just don’t match the mainstream story.

In [UPDATE] The Dark Knight Rises Massacre: James Holmes, The Patsy? I briefly go back over some of the details and unanswered questions. Using my knowledge of psychology and sociology, mind control and effects, circumstantial evidence and events revolving around Robert Holmes (James Holmes father); I attempt to piece the puzzle together, as conspiratorial as it may sound.

As I continue to research this case I have come across numerous conflicting stories. I said there is no way James Holmes could have done this by himself and there may be one to two additional suspects. Going by radio transmissions of the police that night, they agree. They were looking for as many as three additional suspects. They had also found two vehicles. There was the white vehicle behind the theater, and they aldo had a charcoal colored Hyundai Accent.

They said they were going to check the residence of the vehicle to see if additional suspects return to the residence. But they only show at Holmes apartment, not the residence of the charcoal Accent.

Why are they not mentioning the second vehicle? Why are they not continuing the search for additional suspects?

Holmes also did not mention anything about his apartment being booby-trapped according to radio transmission. Either they kept that radio-silent endangering those who went to Holmes apartment or Holmes never mentioned it.

According to a forensic-psychologist investigator, looking at the few details available about Holmes, says he believes Holmes looks as if hes coming out of a mind-control state or off a mind-altering drug.

I may get alot of harsh thoughts and comments in my direction for stating this, but it must be said. Considering the evidence, or lack thereof, James Holmes is a patsy. He was either used as part of a mind-control project or used as a warning to his father Robert Holmes, who is supposed to report to the Senate on the Libor scandal and can allegedly name names, to keep quiet.

For more info, please review the above linked videos as well as this article: Serious Questions Surround Colorado Shooting

[UPDATE] The Dark Knight Rises Massacre: James Holmes, The Patsy?

In light of new evidence (or lack thereof) as promised here is an update video laying out what details are known and attempting to answer the un-answered questions surrounding this case.

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