Are Political Cliques Hurting America?

Political cliques are destroying this nation by dividing the people beyond the idea of unifying for a common cause. It is understood the easiest way to conquer a nation is first to divide the nation. This is the game the communists of today are using to defeat America and every first world nation. This is a war that began long ago, and unless we stop it, we have already lost.

To help illustrate this, I will use personal experiences both offline and online. I hope my point is made clear by the end of this post.

As many who know me personally know, I am very conservative and traditionalist. However, I have been called racist, fascist, right-wing extremist, anarchist, amongst other things.

I’m called a New Ager due to the fact I’m studying and preaching the root-form of Christianity. Much of what is considered “Mainstream Christianity” is proven fabricated lies no more than 200yrs old seen as fact only by twisting a verse here and there or writing yet another new Bible. In my opinion, the most accurate Bible is that of the King James Version. The only Bible more accurate (which the KJV is based off) is the Tynnsdale Bible. If following only Christ, not man; if needing to understand history and Christianity’s roots, and if only using the KJV, makes me a New Ager than I’m a New Ager.

I’m called racist because I oppose the blatant socialism of the current administration, my concern for the Boers in South Africa and other caucasian peoples experiencing genocide, and my concern of murder of Christians in largely Islamic regions of the world. If my concern for the well-being of my fellow man and my Christian brethren makes me a racist, I guess I’m a racist.

I’m told I’m greedy because I opened a business. They feel as a pastor, I have plenty of money. First of all, I founded this ministry and the ministry does not belong to any associations. The only money this ministry recieves is through donations, purchases of our items, or ceremonies we provide (such as weddings). None of which comes to me. Any and all proceeds go to the operation of the ministry and its programs. Secondly, I opened the business in part to provide an income for myself, but in larger part to help boost my local economy and create jobs. If wanting to put cash in people’s pockets through providing jobs, and boosting the economy makes me greedy, then I guess I’m greedy.

I’m called an anarchist because I believe in small, de-centralized government. Our government was never intended to bloat to the size it has. The U.S. Constitution, as originally written, put in place the ultimate governmental structure. The people were free, and yet the government was able to protect it’s people from attack. If being a defender of the U.S. Constitution; wanting a government of the people, by the people, for the people; makes me an anarchist, then I guess I’m an anarchist alongside our Founding Fathers.

I’m called a fascist, actually it was “Eco-Fascist”, as well as liberal, because I believe in Green Living and my company utilizes Green Cleaning. Green Living is living as healthy as possible. No GMO’s (where possible), avoiding known toxins (if not all chemicals), living as healthy as possible. Green Cleaning is cleaning using only solutions made from plants, no chemicals (though some companies do allow a certain amount of “non-toxic” chemicals). Why Green Living is politicized is beyond me. More over, I cannot believe that anyone would knowingly choose to consume or breathe poison. But if wanting to live healthy and use healthy cleaning methods in my company makes me a fascist or liberal, than I suppose I am. But I must ask, why would conservatives, as well as liberals, not want to live a healthy life?

I have been called a right-wing extremist because of my opposition to Islam, socialism, abortion, among other things. First, let me be clear that there is no such thing as “moderate”. Either you believe what you say you believe or you don’t. Islam is a culture that mirrors socialism and is exterminating non-Muslim cultures around the globe. Socialism is the enemy of Freedom, which I choose to have. I much rather live in a nation where I’m free to hear your opposition to my beliefs as opposed to a nation where my beliefs could get me killed. I also believe everyone, every individual, has a right to exist, a right to live. That includes the unborn children. Abortion is akin to murder. If valueing Freedom, Life, and Justice for all makes me a right-wing extremist, than I guess I’m a right-wing extremist.

Some people say this would classify as a Libertarian. Well, I’ve seen libertarians both for and against the legalization of cannabis, homosexual marriages, amongst other topics. So it would seem even the Libertarian population is greatly divided.

Not only have I experienced offline, I have experienced online as well. My one account is losing followers because now I’m an EcoFascist-Liberal-GreenNut. My other account that’s supposed to be for business purposes seems stagnated since I’m a Christian Pastor-Janitor. Or as one tweeter referred to me as “A creepy-ass Rev. Janitor”.

Is there a reason for this division? How does one aspect make me a conservative yet another makes me liberal? If any of us expects to see America again, a truly free America; an America where the economy is booming, crime is ender control, spying on the people is a crime, more jobs exist than there are people to fill them, people are able to believe what they will without worrying about lawsuits; this division needs to stop.

We must stop looking at the Democrat-Republican/Liberal-Conservative paradigm. If people continue hunting down others that agree 100% with them, they will find themselves in a party of one. That is the wishes of the elite, those running things from behind the scenes. All of us, Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Libertarian alike, are being laughed at and mocked by those seeking to destroy our nation and rebuild it under a socialist dictatorship.

I’m asking you, as a Conservative-Liberal-EcoFascist-Anarchist-RightWingExtremist-NewAger-Racist, can we please stop the division? Can we please work towards uniting as We The People instead of We The Hyphen-Hyphen? If we cannot realize, as a people, that we are being mocked and used, we have already lost. If we cannot come together, as a people, as one people, America has already died. I personally don’t believe America is dead. Beaten, perhaps, but not dead. It is upto you, me, and everyone else across America to determine if America will rise or be taken off life support.

Thankyou for reading. If you understand what I’m trying to say, please pass this post on to everyone you know.
If you have any comments, or have had similar experiences, I would love to hear about it. Leave your comment or experience in the comment section below.

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