Mr. Bubbly Wine Service

This is a third-party post for a friends business. Below is info from him about his company.

Mr. Bubbly Mobile Wine Service, LLC

(864) 280-3530

Mr. Bubbly is projected to be THE popular and most affordable mobile wine service that will cover Oconee County and surrounding areas here in the United States of America and will offer mobile wine services to private and corporate clients in the best way we can.

We are in the mobile wine and beverage bar business to serve our clients with Black Box Wine from the box and non-alcoholic beverages that can be served at any event. This means we will serve alcoholic drinks, as well as non-alcoholic beverages at the best value.

Our aim of starting this business is not only to generate revenue and make profit, we intend to be able to compete favorably against our competitors – new or already existing here in South Carolina. Our vision is to be amongst the top three mobile wine bars in the area and also to offer our various clients a high sense of professionalism infused with fun in our mobile wine bar.

Call today to set up your event:

(864) 280-3530


About Rev. Dr. Red
Minister, Public Speaker, Founder/Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, Founder of Spiritual Truth Movement & Coalition, Fisherman, Independent Marketer.

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