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All series will be linked on this page. The first are The Way and The Hidden Truth.

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It is preferred and recommended you read each section in order.

The Way
Part 1
1) The Way: Is Yahweh/Jehovah Satan?

2) The Way: Two Gods in the Old Testament

3) The Way: Yahweh, the amalgamated Enlil and Enki

4) The Way: Jesus, the Serpent?

5) The Way: Jesus’ Hidden Message

6) The Way: Gnosis Is Of Jesus, Not Satan

7) The Way: Jesus And The Age of Aquarius

Part 2
1) The Way: In The Beginning

2) The Way: Gnosis In The Bible

3) The Way: The Great Deception

4) The Way: We Are Not Bound By The Old Testament

The sequel, or follow up, to ‘The Way’ is ‘The Hidden Truth’.

The Hidden Truth
1) The Hidden Truth: The Bible And The Brain

2) The Hidden Truth: The Bible And The Pineal Gland

3) The Hidden Truth: Christ Within

4) The Hidden Truth: Revelation Revealed

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