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Many Christians today feel it is heretical to read anything other than their churches preferred Bible version because it may “shake” their “faith”. They also feel work by those such as myself are heretical because it challenges the very foundation of what their priest/pastor is saying to them. Many Christian authors and pastors go as far as denouncing and defaming Gnosticism, Gnostic and lost Gospels, and ancient Christian texts and scriptures without even reading ANY of the material. Those who do, do not read it in full, nor do they read with an open mind. Rather, they skim for statements that challenge their own teachings and take the statements out of context as they read with a pre-determined bias against the material.

Little do they realize that all of todays Bible versions are based off of the man-chosen, edited, and altered Bible as put together and “canonized” by the Catholic Church. Little do Catholics know their church was not formed by Jesus, but more than 270yrs after His death on the Cross. Little do all know that the Catholics spent 400yrs murdering all the pre-Catholic Christians (referred to as Gnostics – translated as Wise Ones) and burned their texts (the original Christian scriptures) that they (Catholics) chose not to include in the “canonized” Bible (though the books that were included were also edited).

Mainstream Christians, as the Pharisees and their followers of Jesus’ day, call people such as myself heretics (as Jesus Himself was called) because we are doing as Jesus said to do – “Seek and ye shall find”, “Knock and it shall be opened unto you” – and researching, praying, and seeking out the truth. As truth is found, we are exposing the heresies and lies of the mainstream, institutionalized, Christian establishment. Rather than embrace these truth’s, the pharisees of today fear it because they lose congregants, which means a loss of money in their pockets.

That being said, one original document in particular has recieved much defamation amongst the mainstream. This document reveals what is meant by many teachings in the Bible and reveals what other books (primarily in the Old Testament) were actually about. This text is known as Pistis Sophia (translated as ‘Wisdom in Faith’ – Pistis = Faith, Sophia = Wisdom).

Based on my reading of Pistis Sophia, other ancient texts, and extensive research into the history of the Bible and Christianity et al, I believe one alteration the Catholics have made during the “canonization” of the Bible, was to move around certain scriptures and put them out of their original order as well as change some wording. I came to this conclusion since the numbers of Psalms do not line up 100% in Pistis Sophia and todays Bible and the wording is slightly altered, though the point is the same. Below I will show the Psalm as it is numbered in Pistis Sophia (PS) and where it is in todays modern Bible translations (MBT).

I highly recommend all to read Pistis Sophia. I was going to write a breakdown of the book, but it explains itself.

Where it states there are additional verses in modern Bibles, added verses are at the end. For example, if a Psalm has 40 verses in the Bible, and below is stated it has 5 added verses, the last verse is supposed to be verse 35. Verses 36-40 have been added by the Catholic Church.

PS – Psalm 24 = MBT – Psalm 25
PS – Psalm 29 = MBT – Psalm 30
PS – Psalm 30 = MBT – Psalm 31 (added 6 verses)
PS – Psalm 31 = MBT – Psalm 32
PS – Psalm 34 = MBT – Psalm 35
PS – Psalm 39 = MBT – Psalm 40
PS – Psalm 50 = MBT – Psalm 51 (added 15 verses)
PS – Psalm 51 = MBT – Psalm 52
PS – Psalm 68 = MBT – Psalm 69
PS – Psalm 69 = MBT – Psalm 70
PS – Psalm 70 = MBT – Psalm 71
PS – Psalm 81 = MBT – Psalm 82
PS – Psalm 84 = MBT – Psalm 85
PS – Psalm 87 = MBT – Psalm 88
PS – Psalm 90 = MBT – Psalm 91
PS – Psalm 101 = MBT – Psalm 102 (added 7 verses)
PS – Psalm 102 = MBT – Psalm 103
PS – Psalm 106 = MBT – Psalm 107
PS – Psalm 108 = MBT – Psalm 109 (added 4 verses)
PS – Psalm 119 = MBT – Psalm 120
PS – Psalm 129 = MBT – Psalm 130

To read Pistis Sophia, Click Here.

The ‘Odes of Solomon’ mentioned in Pistis Sophia may be read by Clicking Here

Other recommended reading (which I may or may not write a breakdown of):
Gospel of the Perfect Life – Referred to as the “Original Gospel”, since it was used prior to the formation of the Catholic Church; and is the Gospel in which it is believed the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are derived from, though many of the teachings are edited out in Modern, Post-Catholic versions of the Bible.

The Book of Jubilees – Referred to as “Little Genesis”

On The Origin Of The World

Hypostasis Of The Archons (Reality of the Rulers)

If you have any questions regarding Pistis Sophia and other recommended readings, you may comment below or email us.

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